Construction begins at Garlough on September 25!
Construction at Garlough begins September 25!
Posted on 09/03/2015

Part of the district’s security plan includes constructing secure entrances at all schools. A secure entrance is one in which all visitors enter the building through the main office to complete a check-in process and then are given access to the school through a door that remains locked at all times. At Garlough, this will require moving the main office to the front of the building where the iNature and music rooms are currently located.

Construction of the new Garlough office (and relocation of iNature and music) was supposed to happen over the summer. However, the original bids from contractors came in well over budget last spring, so construction was delayed until this fall. Construction is now scheduled to begin on September 25 and it is expected to be completed by January. Please know that during construction we will do everything we can to promote safety and minimize disruptions to the learning environment. Though none are planned at this time, as construction progresses, there may be changes to parking, pick up and drop off, etc. We will notify parents and guardians, as needed, when changes occur.

Read on for more information regarding specific aspects of the construction plan.

The bulk of our parking lot will not be impacted by construction. Twelve stalls will be used by contractors for parking and staging at the far end of the main lot (see flyer below). All other stalls may be used by visitors and parents/guardians unless it is marked as ‘No Parking’.

There are no planned changes to our busing or pick-up/drop-off procedures at this time.  As in years past, the parking lot will be closed each morning and afternoon so buses can drop off and pick up students. We will notify families if there are any construction changes that impact buses or pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Since our main entrance will be under construction, the main office will be located in the cafeteria (see diagram). The cafeteria will be relocated to one half of the gymnasium. The visitor entrance will be at the front of the building. All visitors will be required to check in at the visitor entrance (see diagram) where a temporary desk and staff person will be located. All construction workers will also need to check in to receive an ID badge, if they leave the construction area and need to enter the school building. Students will enter and exit at the north end of the building.

Construction will take place behind a temporary wall, away from students. This wall will block dust and debris from entering the school building. While some noise and inconvenience cannot be avoided, administrators are working with contractors to identify times (such as non-school days) for larger components of the construction project to occur, in an effort to minimize any noise and disruption to the learning environment.  As noted above, we will do everything we can to promote safety and lessen the impact to students and staff.