Ms. Katie Holten

Katie Holten
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My name is Katie Holten and I have been teaching at Garlough since 2008. I have a degree in Elementary Education from Luther College and a Masters in Education in Natural Science and Environmental Education with an emphasis in Science Teaching from Hamline University. At Luther College I also studied Physical Education and Spanish. I love teaching at Garlough because of its environmental focus and the amazing community of families and staff. When I am not at school I can be found playing with my daughter and my dog, playing ultimate Frisbee, biking, rock climbing, or reading. My dog, Madi, often comes into the classroom with me during some days of the school year.

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Here is a great link for you to check out if you've ever wondered what your child should sound like reading fluently at grade level:
Grade level fluency

Literacy empowers all families (30 second video)


7:45-8:00 Breakfast in the classroom/ Morning meeting
8:00-9:00         Reading groups
9:00-10:00 Math 10:00-11:00 Specialists (see below)
11:00-12:00 Science/Social Studies
12:00-1:00 Recess and Lunch 
1:00-1:30  Writing 1:30-2:00 Reading
2:00-2:15 Afternoon Jobs

Specialist schedule:
Monday: Art
Tuesday: iNature
Wednesday: Music/Gym
Thursday: Music/Gym
Friday: Music/Gym

We have naturalist time and guidance on a rotating three-day schedule on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.