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Polly Saatzer
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SaatzerWelcome to Garlough Environmental Magnet School. My name is Polly Saatzer and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year.  I have taught for 36 years. The last 17 years have been at Garlough teaching kindergarten. I received my BA in Elementary Education from Concordia University and my Masters in Early Childhood Education from the University of Minnesota. 

My husband and I make our home in West Saint Paul and we enjoy going to Twins games, gardening and visiting our daughters in Texas and North Carolina. 

We are so lucky at Garlough--our students get to learn both inside and outside the classroom. We will have many wonderful adventures outside as we use our five senses to explore the learning areas around our school and notice the changes in nature. This is called phenology. So pack your boots, rain gear and get ready to think like a scientist!

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Week of December 8-12

:Our main reading selections this week are Bear Snores On an animal fantasy text and A Bed For The Winter a non-fiction text.  We will work on the comprehension skills of realism/fantasy and sequence.We will learn the sound for the letter C, and sight words we,like and my.We have now learned the following sight words, I, am, the, little, at, and, to, a, have, it, is,we,like,my.

: We will continue playing his the Train Game to help the children practice counting,addition and subtraction.We will also introduce the number line as a tool for counting,addition and subtraction and learn a new game to practice the teen numbers. Keep counting to 100 at home.

:  We are learning about the Scientific Inquiry Process or as I tell the children we are" thinking like scientists." The first step of the process is using observation and the second step is to come up with questions about your observations.We have noticed that winter has arrived early and are wondering what animals do to get ready for winter. We put some pumpkins, gourds and corn( that we harvested from our garden) in the woods and we wonder what animals might come to eat them. We visited our spot in the wood and found evidence(footprints and scat) to suggest that the deer have been eating the items we put out. We have also been learning about paper. Last  week we drew on different types of paper and this week we will put water on different types of paper to see what happens.

Thanks For Your Support! 
 Polly Saatzer

Please save empty frosting containers for an upcoming project.


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